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History Department

            Creation Environment Department on the territory of Kharkiv national university V.N.Karazina became a hallmark of higher environmental education in Ukraine. Create a faculty driven, first, an urgent need to prepare highly skilled environmental protection, and secondly, it is a logical step in the evolution of the long history of geo-ecological research of university scientists.

            Ecological Department established decision Vchenoi of Kharkov national university V.N.Karazina March 30, 2007 order of the rector i № 0202-1/062 of 16 April 2007.

Preceding the creation of the twentieth Faculty rich history and development in geo-ecological research scientists of the Kharkov national university V.N.Karazina. Undoubtedly, today we can say that the basis for scientific work and achievements in the study of human interaction and the environment are such subjects as geography and botany. This fact deserves attention, because for most universities inherent trained ecologists are based on chemical sub-departments..

krasnov The title of pioneer and founder of research in the field of ecology in our alma mater is an honor outstanding geographer, and botanist hruntoznavets Andrei Krasnov (1862 - 1914/1915). After graduating in 1835 St. Petersburg University, in 1889 he defended his thesis for a master's degree Botany and head of the Kharkiv University department of geography and ethnography.

This AM Krasnov performed the basic research of vegetation Poltava province, became the origins of landscape ecology, made subtropiv transfer to the domestic soil, laid the foundations chayeznavstva, tsytrusoznavstva and others..



Contribution to the research of interaction between man and the environment made the founder of the Geographical Faculty, prominent geographer and anthropologist Alex Arsentiyovych Ivanovo (1866-1934). From 1914 to 1930 he headed the department of geography and ethnography. The latest scientific work O.A.Ivanovskoho was called "The Effects of environment on man" and was completed in 1934 but remained unpublished. It is this work allows to suggest the emergence of neoekolohichnoho trend that has evolved only after 60 years

            Environment Department as a branch of Kharkiv national university founded V.N.Karazina of three departments: Ecology and neoekolohiyi, monitoring, environmental management and emergency prevention, environmental Bezek and environmental education.

This year the department celebrates its first anniversary - five years. Recognizing the outstanding achievements of scientific predecessors, forming a fitting modern requirements of scientific and methodological basis, we step forward to new achievements in the field of environmental education and science!


Faculty today

etalon Today the Environmental Department prepares not traditional environmentalists are already biological sciences, and modern environmentalists to mizhdystsyplinarniy broad basis in the direction of "Ecology, Environmental Protection and Sustainable Use of Nature", which is based on a number of science - chemistry, biology, geography, geology, engineering, agricultural and other sciences. Not accidentally, the ecological department established with the departments of the partner: chemical, biological, physical and technical Radiophysics, geological, geographical, supported by legal and other departments that will take a direct part in the training of specialists in ecology. As the faculty is very different - a new generation. Therefore, environmental department, along with partner departments has the scientific and pedagogical potential, which does not possess any faculty not only in Ukraine but all over the world space. Despite the fact that the department performs only the first steps in training are involved dozens of professors, associate professors, lecturers. Environmental department is probably the same small department at the university. emblema

Today, the environmental studies faculty only about 250 students, but certainly every year this number will steadily increase. Clearly, the range of employment specialist ecologist quite wide - is the Department of Environmental Protection, state environmental inspection, environmental protection ecological control, parks and other units of the Ministry of Environment, research institutes, universities, etc. and . In connection with the participation of faculty partners round employment will greatly expand - that nuclear power plants and other facilities for the profile, and chemical enterprises, institutions associated with different levels of electromagnetic radiation and so on. Among the new master's directions in environmental departments are planned next - an environmental audit, environmental economics and natural resources, applied ecology and sustainable natural resources, environmental security, reserved the right of the great number of specialization. Academic preparation of students organized by the principles of credit-module system. Legislation of training consists of cycles of humanitarian and socio-economic training (history of Ukraine, philosophy, kulturolohiya, economic theory, political science, Sociology, Psychology, etc.), natural-scientific training (higher mathematics, chemistry, physics, Information science and systemolohiya etc.) and vocational -oriented training (doctrine of the Environment, Fundamentals of General Ecology and neoekolohiyi, monitoring and protection of Environment, Ecology and management in pryrodokorystuvanni, ecological and technological safety, etc.). Feature of the learning process training ekolohiv is the presence of fractal (integral) of legal subjects, which are characterized by a large amount of hours and kompleksnistyu great step forward. These subjects belong "The doctrine of the Environment," in which composition is the following modules: Geology of the basics heomorfolohiyi, soil science, meteorolohiya i klimatolohiya, general hidrolohiya, Landscape, biology and insh.), "Principles of General Ecology and neoekolohiyi" (modules: the basics traditionally Ecology, Fundamentals of Ecology), "Monitoring and Protection of Environment (modules: Environment monitoring, ecological assessment, ecology of apovidna case, ecological law, principles of treatment, principles of atmospheric air, Fundamentals of soils)," Management in Ecology and pryrodokorystuvanni " (modules: organization management in Environmental activities, regulation of anthropogenic load on the environment, environmental inspektuvannya), "Methods of measurement i information processing" (modules: contact measurement methods in ecology, dystantsiyni Methods in Ecology, kartohrafichni methods in ecology, modeling prediction of i Environment i TI), "Resursoznavstvo and Nature" (modules: Fundamentals of Rational, Natural Resources Economics, Ukraine heoekolohiya i TI), "Environmental and Technical Safety" (modules: ecological safety, tehnoekolohiya i TI .) selectively part of educational training consists of selecting subjects and universities for independent selection of the student. in the educational process of training ecologist common is this form of organization studies as Topics scientific and scientific-practical seminars..

Teaching practices are held in the Crimea, the Carpathians, in the Kharkiv region. Production students have practice in a wide variety of institutions and organizations chosen by students in almost all regions of Ukraine, and in some cases - and abroad. The Faculty cooperates with universities and abroad, primarily from Moscow State University. MV University, Institute of Hydrometeorology of Russia (St. Petersburg), the main geophysical abservatoriyeyu them. O. Voeikov (St. Petersburg), Research Centre of remote sensing of the atmosphere (Russia), with various universities and organizations in Poland, Hermaniyi, Bulgaria. Students still have the opportunity to acquire viyskovi specialty and get the rank of lieutenant, passing military training. After graduation the student may enter the graduate school and then to the Doctor, who are on the faculty. PhD thesis and doctoral degree search engines can protect both council Kharkov University, so i in council of the Ukrainian Research Institute of Ecological Problems, or council of other universities..